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Susan Kennedy.

Susan Kennedy [1] is a long running character in Neighbours who first appeared in Episode 2251 - 3 October 1994. She is the wife of Dr Karl Kennedy. and has plenty of action in her life since she arrived in Ramsey Street, Erinsborough. She is played by Jackie Woodburne


Susan Smith was born in March 1956 to Mr Smith and Grace Smith. She was one of 3 children. Susan met trainee doctor Karl Kennedy in the 1970s.


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Father Mr Smith

Mother Grace Smith

Siblings Carmel Tyler, Liz Conway

Spouse Karl Kennedy (1978-2004, 2007-) Alex Kinski (2005)

Children Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Grandchildren Jackson Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Nephews/Nieces Darcy Tyler, Elly Conway

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