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Sue Parker.

Sue Parker was a minor character in Neighbours who appeared in 1986, 1987 and again in 2014 and 2015, and again in 2018, last appearing in Episode 7804 - 22 March 2018. She first appeared in Episode 271 - 9 June 1986. She was originally the school bitch and went to school with Mike Young, Scott Robinson and Nikki Dennison. Sue did not appear at any time inbetween mid May 1987 and mid July 2014. Sue works for the Erinsborough Council. Sue was sent to prison in March 2018, she may reappear again in the future. Sue was played by Kate Gorman.




Sue in 1986.

Sue Parker was born in 1969. Her father was Bill Parker. Sue went to Erinsborough High School with Nikki Dennison and Charlene Mitchell. Sue was in the same year as Nikki and Charlene. She was known for being a bit of a school bitch.

1986, 1987Edit

Sue was the school bitch and caused trouble for the teens of Ramsay Street. She caused friction between Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell. She later became a bank teller and dated Henry Ramsay.

In 1990, Sue briefly dated Paul Robinson, brother of Scott. (these events happened offscreen but were revealed in 2015)


In 2014, it was revealed that Sue was working for the Erinsborough Council and that she has a son named Jayden Warley. In 2015, it was later revealed that Paul and Susan had an affair in May 1990.

In late 2015, Paul was made bankrupt and parted ways with Sue.


Sue was back in Erinsborough in February 2018. Sue learns Paul is taking over a half-finished housing development. She tells him that the original owners of the development underpaid the mostly elderly home owners who were already there. Sue points out that if that information becomes public knowledge, then Paul's housing development will be tainted. She agrees to keep quiet, but only if Paul gives Jayden a job on the development. Paul gets his daughter Amy Williams to hire Jayden at her builders yard. The truth about the home owners being underpaid is leaked to the press, and Paul assumes Sue is responsible, but she denies it. Rafael Humphreys overhears Sue talking about Paul, and they team up to discredit Paul's reputation and the housing development. Sue asks Jayden to sabotage Paul and loosen the ratchet straps on a truck carrying concrete slabs, so they will fall off. Leo Tanaka is injured by the falling slabs, and Sue and Jayden's involvement in the accident is revealed. They receive a six month prison sentence each.

Memorable infoEdit

Until the return of 1985 minor character Kim Tanaka'(Nee Taylor), in 2017, Sue Parker, with 6430 episodes inbetween appearances, held the record as the runner up to the longest gap between appearances behind Jack Lassiter who had 6432 episodes inbetween one appearance and his next appearance. Both held the longest gap of 27 years and 2 months inbetween their first departure date and their next appearance which coincided with their return.


Father Bill Parker

Spouse Bill Warley

Children Jayden Warley (1996)