Naybers sheila

Sheila Canning.

Sheila Canning is a character in Neighbours who first appeared in Episode 6394 - 3 May 2012. She is the grandmother of Kyle Canning. Sheila is one of the new matriarchs of the show. She is played by Colette Mann.



Sheila was born in September 1956 and met Frank Canning when she was 16 in 1972. They later married and had 2 children, Gary Canning and Naomi Canning. Frank died in 2009 of a heart attack after finding out his daughter Naomi had an affair with a married man. Sheila was left devastated after her husband's death.


Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: September 1956

Full Name: Sheila Canning


Spouse Frank Canning (??-2009)

Children Gary Canning, Jackie Canning, Naomi Canning

Grandchildren Kyle CanningXanthe Canning

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