Sasha Close as Lucy in 1987.

Sasha Close is an Australian actress who played Lucy Robinson from 1987 to 1989. She is the second actress to play the role, taking over from Kylie Flinker, who had played the character since Episode 1 - 18 March 1985 . Sasha's first appearance as Lucy was Episode 489 - 14 May 1987 and her last appearance as Lucy was Episode 1104 - 30 November 1989. The returning Lucy was again re-cast when the character was re-instated in 1991, then played by Melissa Bell

Pre Neighbours careerEdit

Sasha Close was born in September 1973.

Neighbours 1987-1989Edit

After NeighboursEdit

Sasha has since started working at a cinema chain in Adelaide and is married with two daughters, Alice and Mali.