Roger Bannon was an unseen character in Neighbours and was the biological father of Julie Martin nee Robinson. He raped Anne Robinson, the wife of his employee Jim Robinson.



In the early 1960s, Roger Bannon took on Jim Robinson and an apprentice engineer. Roger became good friends with the Robinsons. One night in the summer of 1963, while Jim was away on business, Roger raped Jim's wife Anne Robinson. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter Julie Robinson in April 1964 as a result of the rape. Jim found out the truth and was hostile at first but later agreed to bring Julie up as his own child. The truth stayed hidden for 30 years, during which time Anne died in 1975. The truth finally emerged in 1993 when Jim passed away.

Jim had left his house No 26 Ramsay Street to Helen Daniels and when she died, all his children - except Julie. She had just been left Jim's share of the car yard. Julie was sifting through some letters and found out that Jim wasn't her real father. She later found it was Roger Bannon but when she tracked down his wife Joyce Bannon, she said Roger had died and he was a womaniser who had raped Julie's mother.


Children Julie Martin (1964), Roger Bannon Jnr

Grandchildren Hannah Martin

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