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School Teacher Priya Kapoor (formerly Gupta)

Priya Kapoor was a character in Neighbours from Episode 6239 - 1 Sep 2011 to Episode 6661 - 10 Jun 2013. She was the wife of Ajay Kapoor and mother of Rani Kapoor. Priya was played by Menik Gooneratne. The casting of character Priya Kapoor marks a turning point in the series history as more culturally diverse characters are introduced [1], representing the multi-cultural nature of modern Australian communities. She is the first character in the series of Indian descent, as part of the newly introduced Kapoor Family



Priya Gupta was born in 1977. SHe attended school and won a competition in August 1992 aged 15. She later worked aa a teacher


Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1977

Died: 2013 (Aged 36)

Full Name: Priya Kapoor (nee Gupta)


Spouse Ajay Kapoor (1997-2013)

Children Rani Kapoor (1997)