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Pam Willis.

Pamela "Pam" Willis was a character in Neighbours from Episode 1261 - 6 August 1990 to Episode 2239 - 15 September 1994 followed by brief returns in 1996 and 2014, returning in Episode 6876 - 5 May 2014 and departing again in Episode 6880 - 9 May 2014. She returned again in Episode 7345 - 15 April 2016 for Doug's funeral. She was the wife of Doug Willis and mother to their 4 children Adam Willis, Gaby Willis, Brad Willis and Cody Willis. One of Pam's major storylines was being accused of murdering an elderly man in 1992. Pam was played by Sue Jones.



Pam Beresford was born in about 1944 in Australia to Seamus Beresford, an Irish immigrant and his wife Moina. In the mid 1960s Pam met Doug Willis and they married in 1967. They had 4 children, Gaby Willis, Adam Willis, Brad Willis and Cody Willis. Another child, John, born inbetween Adam and Brad had died as a baby.


In 1990 Pam arrived in Erinsborough to join her husband Doug Willis and their children. They soon settled in at No 28 Ramsay Street.


After Cody was shot, Pam returned to Erinsborough. Cody was making a recovery but had a relapse and died. Pam had her body taken back to Darwin for burial.


Pam returned to Erinsborough in 2014,
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Pam Willis in 2014.

shortly after her hsuband Doug Willis returned to visit his son Brad Willis and grandchildren Imogen Willis and Joshua Willis. Pam thanked Karl Kennedy for what he did for Cody 18 years previously. A couple of days later Pam took Doug back home to Darwin.


Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: Unknown, about 1944

Full Name: Pamela Willis


Father Seamus Beresford

Mother Moina Beresford

Spouse Doug Willis (1967-)

Children Adam Willis, John Willis (deceased), Gaby Willis, Brad Willis, Cody Willis

Grandchildren Imogen Willis, Joshua WillisPiper Willis

Great Grandchildren Matilda TurnerGabriel Smith

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