Neighbours mavvers hazell

Mavournee Hazell as Piper Willis in Neighbours spin off Pipe Up.

Mavournee Hazel is an Australian actress who plays Piper Willis in Neighbours, a role she has played since September 2015. She also appears in Pipe Up and Neighbours: Hey Piper, 2 spin offs of Neighbours.

Pre Neighbours careerEdit

Mavournee Hazel was born on March 20, 1996 in Australia. Her first known TV role was in 2014 in Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures.

Neighbours 2015Edit

Naybers ep 7214

Mavournee Hazel as Piper Willis.

Mavournee joined the cast of Neighbours in mid 2015 as Piper Willis, the youngest child of Brad Willis and Terese Willis. Her first scenes aired in September. Playing the regular role of Piper was Mavournee's big break. By March 2017, Mavournee has been playing the role for a year and a half.

Mavournee is 3 years older than Piper who is 17.


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