Matt Turner was a character in Neighbo
Naybers matt 2013

Matt Turner in 2013.

urs who first appeared in Episode 6574 - 7 Feb 2013 and last appeared in Episode 7088 - 25 March 2015, with Josef Brown reprising the role for Episode 7427 - 9 August 2016. He was the head of the Turner family and husband to Lauren Turner nee Carpenter and father to Amber Turner and Bailey Turner. He was a police officer. Matt is played by Josef Brown.



Matt Turner was born in 1973. He met Lauren Carpenter in mid 1994 in Perth, just after she had a baby girl by her ex boyfriend Brad Willis back in her home town of Erinsborough. The baby girl was adopted and given the name of Paige Smith. Matt and Lauren married when she was pregnant. In February 1995, a baby boy Mason Turner was born. Lauren and Matt had 2 more children, Amber Turner in 1996 and Bailey Turner in 1997. Matt worked as a policeman.


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Birthday: 16th January 1973

Died: 23rd March 2015 (aged 42)

Cause Of Death: Run over

Full Name: Matthew James Turner


Father Mr Turner

Spouse Lauren Carpenter (1994-2015)

Children Mason Turner (1995), Amber Turner (1996), Bailey Turner (1997)

Grandchildren Matilda Turner

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