Joshua "Josh" Douglas Willis was a character in Neighbou
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Josh Willis.

rs who first appeared in Episode 6646 - 20 May 2013 and died in Episode 7337 - 5 April 2016, making his last appearance (in footage only) in Episode 7353 - 27 April 2016 . He is the son of Brad Willis and Terese Willis. He dated Amber Turner but she left him for Daniel Robinson. Josh died in an explosion at The Lassiters Complex in April 2016. Josh was played by Harley Bonner, son of another Neighbours actress Carla Bonner, who plays Stephanie Scully.



Joshua Douglas Willis was born in May 1996, alongside his twin sister Imogen Willis, to Brad Willis and Terese Willis. He was given the middle name of Douglas after his grandfather Doug Willis.

2013- 2016Edit

Josh Willis and his family moved into Ramsay Street in 2013, his fathers old street of residence. Josh was originally a tearaway but did calm dow a bit. He graduated from Erinsborough High School. He began dating Amber Turner but when Daniel Robinson arrived in March 2014, he made advances towards Amber. Amber later left Josh for Daniel. Josh started drinking and even punched Chris Pappas. Chris was hospitalised. Josh was charged for it and given 200 hours of community service.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: May 1996

Death Date: 4 April 2016 (aged 19)

Full Name: Joshua Douglas Willis


Father Brad Willis

Mother Terese Willis

Siblings Paige Novak (half, same father), Ned Willis (half, same father), Imogen Willis, Piper Willis (full)

Grandfathers Doug Willis (deceased 4 April 2016)

Grandmothers Pam Willis

Great grandfathers Bert Willis, Seamus Beresford

Great grandmothers Moina Beresford

Great, great grandfathers Zachary Willis

Uncles/Aunts Adam Willis, John Willis (deceased) Gaby Willis, Cody Willis, Nick Petrides

Children Matilda Turner (2015)

NephewGabriel Smith

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