Jack Ramsay was an unseen character in Neighbours. He was the grandfather of Max Ramsay, Tom Ramsay and Madge Bishop, and father of Dan Ramsay. Jack had been dead for several years by the time the show

Jack Ramsay
Some attributes
First born c. 1890
Second died c. 1965
Third Unknown
Other attributes

began. Ramsey Street was named after him



Jack Ramsay was born in about 1890. He grew up in Erinsborough and had a relative called Fred Ramsay. Jack went into local politics, later becoming Mayor. He met and married in about 1915 and they had two children Dan Ramsay and Maud Ramsay. (Jack's wife's name has never been revealed in the Neighbours series).

Jack Ramsey, had died in around 1965

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: about 1890

Died: Unknown, about 1965


Spouse Unknown Woman (c1915-c1965)

Children Dan Ramsay (c1916) Maud Ramsay (c1918)

Grandchildren Max Ramsay, Tom Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Great Grandchildren Shane Ramsay, Jill Ramsay, Gemma Ramsay, Moira Ramsay, Henry Mitchell, Charlene Robinson

Great, great grandchildren Holly Harrigan, Kate RamsayHarry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Daniel Robinson, Madison Robinson

Other relatives Fred Ramsay (Brother or cousin, exact relation unconfirmed)

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