Hilary Robinson was a character in Nei
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Hilary Robinson. A Mrs Mangel type character.

ghbours who first appeared in Episode 519 - 25 June 1987. She returned full time in 1988, leaving in Episode 1148 - 28 February 1990. She was seen again in Episode 4773 - 27 Jul 2005 for Annalise Hartman's documentary where she tracked down former Ramsay Street residents. She returned again in February 2015 and has made sporadic appearances ever since. Hilary was the cousin of Jim Robinson. Hilary was played by Anne Scott-Pendlebury.



Hilary Robinson was born on the 20th April 1951 to Mr Robinson and Mrs Robinson. Mr Robinson had a brother James Robinson who was the father of Jim Robinson, making Jim and Hilary first cousins. Their grandfather was Sam Robinson. Hilary's cousin Jim was 10 years older than her. Hilary had a son Matt Robinson in 1972.


Hilary arrives in Ramsay Street in July 1987 to see Scott Robinson marry Charlene Mitchell. She came back again in February 1988 to see Jim marry Beverley Marshall.



Hillary Robins
Naybers hizza robinson 2015

Hilary in 2015.

on is one of the guests at a press confrence that her first cousin once removed Paul Robinson is holding much too Paul's shock and dismay. Hilary is now staying at the Erinsbrough Retiment home where she has been for the past six months. In May 2015, Hilary helped Paul track down his daughter Amy Robinson, her first cousin twice removed.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 10 April 1951

Full Name: Hilary Robinson


Father Mr Robinson

Grandfathers Sam Robinson

Children Matt Robinson (1972)

Uncles/Aunts James Robinson

First cousins Jim Robinson

First cousins once removed Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson

First cousins twice removed Daniel Robinson, Madison Robinson, Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Cameron Robinson, Amy Robinson

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