Naybers hannah martin

Button, as Philip used to call her.

Hannah Martin (nicknamed Button) was a character in Neighbours from 1992 to 1994 and again in 2005. She was the daughter of Julie Martin and her husband Philip Martin. She was played by Rebecca Ritters.





Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: August 1983

Full Name: Hannah Martin

Nicknames: Button


Father Philip Martin

Mother Julie Martin

Siblings Debbie Martin, Michael Martin (both are half siblings, same father)

Grandfathers Roger Bannon, Jim Robinson (adoptive)

Grandmothers Anne Robinson

Great Grandfathers Bill Daniels

Great Grandmothers Helen Daniels

Aunt: Lucy Robinson

Great aunts: Rosemary Daniels (adoptive)

Great great aunts: Gwen Simpson, Laura Dennison

Uncles: Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Glen Donnelly

Cousins: Cameron Robinson, Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson, Amy Williams, Andrew Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Madison RobinsonLeo TanakaDavid Tanaka

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