Fay brennan

Fay Brennan was a character in Neighbours in 2017. She is the mother of Mark BrennanAaron Brennan, Tyler Brennan and Chloe Brennan. Fay was played by Zoe Bertram.



Fay was born in 1957/1958. married Russell Brennan in about 1980 and they went on to have 3 sons, Mark Brennan in 1981, Aaron Brennan in 1984 and Tyler Brennan in 1991 and a daughter Chloe Brennan. However, one time Fay had an extra marital relationship with Hamish Roche and got pregnant with his child. Tyler was the product of that affair.


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Born: About 1958

Full Name: Fay Brennan

Family Edit

Spouse Russell Brennan

ChildrenMark BrennanAaron BrennanTyler BrennanChloe Brennan

Grandchildren - Caitlin Brennan (died during pregnancy)


Fay was mentioned in Episode 6188 - 22 Jun 2011. Her name was Elaine Brennan and it was shown on her son Mark's passport as an emergency contact for him. When she arrived in 2017, she was said to be Fay Brennan.




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