Erinsborough is the fictional suburb of M
Naybers ramsay street 1

Ramsay Street, Erinsborough.

elbourne in which Neighbours is set. It is a quiet suburn of Melbourne, except Ramsay Street and The Lassiters Complex which has seen many explosions and deaths and affairs happen.


Erinsborough was founded in 1894 as the suburbs of Melbourne grew. In 1920, Jack Ramsay, otherwise known as "Black Jack" Ramsay was the Mayor Of Erinsborough. The Ramsays and Robinsons were 2 well known families in the neighbourhood in its early years. In the 1960s many of the orchards surrounding Erinsborough were built on as the town grew. In 1963, a new street in Erinsborough was named after Jack Ramsay, Ramsay Street, just off North Avenue.


In 1985, The Lassiters Complex opened, owned by Jack Lassiter who ran a chain of hotels across the world. In March 1985, the Robinsons and Ramsays were the dominant family of Ramsay Street in Erinsborough.

Notable peopleEdit

  • Jack Ramsay (c1890-c1960) - One time Mayor of Erinsborough, and of which Ramsay Street was named after.
  • Max Ramsay (c1940-) - Grandson of the above, the uncouth plumber, who lived in Erinsborough until 1986.
  • Jack Lassiter (1937-2013) - Founder of Lassiters Hotel.

Notable placesEdit

This is a list of places in Erinsborough that are currently seen and used.

Former locationsEdit

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