It is saturday morning. Henry Ramsay has ideas for Mike Young's "farewell" party, his temporary farewell. Mrs Mangel says there will be no hanky panky or alcohol in her house when the party is held. Henry has other ideas though, him and Scott Robinson want it to be a rave. Harold Bishop is doing his article but Jane Harris is dusting. He says the party is pointless as Mike is only going away for a couple of weeks. Harold wants some peace and quiet to study. Mike suggests they go for a walk. Tony Romeo still pushes himself with his exercises. Him and Sally Wells race. Harold goes to No 24 Ramsay Street but is greeted by Charlene Robinson playing loud music. Sally thinks Tony is turning every thing they do into a competition. Sally is not into a relationship. At The Waterhole, Lassiters, Madge Ramsay is chatting away to a customer. Mike, Jane, Tony, Sally, Charlene, Scott Robinson and Henry have their party. Harold worries that Madge is getting too chatty with the customer, Graham Clifford. Harold finds a way to make Graham leave the pub. Madge thinks he cannot stand to see someone else give her attention, as Harold seems to wrapped up in his article to pay Madge attention. The party gets a bit out of hand, just as Mrs Mangel comes in, complaining. At No 24, Madge and harold are arguing. Scott, Henry and the gang come in, saying Mrs Mangel threw them out. They say that Madge has a letter from Graham and that Harold may have competition, a letter mad eup by Scott and Henry when they saw her talking with him earlier. Harold wants a word with Madge.


Guest cast 

Writer: ???

Series Producer: Marie Trevor 

Director: Kendal Flanagan 

Executive Producer:

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