An angry Des Clarke berates his mother Eileen Clarke for being addicted to tranquillisers while caring for her grandson Jamie Clarke. Harold Bishop is typing up his article. Henry Ramsay, Sally Wells, Tony Romeo, Charlene Robinson and Scott Robinson go swimming. Tony and Sally race each other. The gang also wonder where Mike Young is. Mike is helping Des and Eileen. Sally wins the race. Tony has cramp. Tony thinks Sally will not be able to beath him again. Harold thinks Madge Ramsay is having second thoughts about their relationship. Scott and Charlene have invited the gang over for dinner at No 24 Ramsay Street. Des and Paul Robinson chat about Eileen. He wishes Dr Beverley Marshall was around to help Eileen. Harold asks Jane Harris if he is being a bit mean recently. She says he may have been a bit mean lately. Harold says he is trying to be decent but feels it is useless in this harsh world. Eileen is in a bad state. Des has thrown the tablets away but she needs them to get through the night. The next morning, Eileen feels a lot better. Mike has aerobics. Eileen is left to look after baby Jamie. At the aerobics, Madge attends. The instructor says this is not a competition so no one need tire themselves out. They all dance. Baby Jamie is crying and this upsets Eileen. At the dance, Tony and Sally carry on dancing while the others rest. Eileen begs Jamie to stop crying. She phones up the medical centre for a prescription.


Guest cast

Writer: ???

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Chris Shiel

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