Naybers 669

Mrs Mangel and Helen Daniels ask Tony Romeo to look up the chimmney as Mrs Mangel worries it is haunted. It is just a cat. Charlene Robinson is angry at the fact that Henry Ramsay is seeing Sally Wells instead of having physio, while Charlene and Jane Harris are putting in extra hours to help him. Tony and Sally go jogging. Eileen Clarke wants another tablet. She suggest that Des Clarke leaves them here so she can take one when he is not here. Des brings baby Jamie Clarke home. Eileen babysits him but she seems to be becoming addicted to tablets to cope. Harold Bishop catches Mike Young reading his story at the cafe. Mike reckons the article is biased. Mike goes to No 28 Ramsay Street and sees Jamie is alone and Eileen is spaced out on the sofa. At the garage, Charlene is clued up about mechanics. Tony is still pining over Sally. Des realises Eileen has been on the pills again.


Guest cast

Writer: Malcolm Frawley

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Chris Shiel

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