Neighbs 664
Poor Eileen Clarke says that underneath she was sure that Malcolm Clarke was going to dump her. Des Clarke comforts her. He suggests she sees Dr Beverley Marshall as he is worried about her heart. Des takes her round to No 26 Ramsay Street. Eileen says Des made her. Henry Ramsay takes his mother Madge Mitchell for another driving lesson, is very picky about her driving. But Madge almost runs Harold Bishop over when he comes to watch them. Madge says she will never be able to drive. She has to send her dress to the cleaners. She gets a $1000 bill for the damage to the fire hydrant. She says she will have to sell her car. Bev has given Eileen some tranquillisers. Henry later comments on Harold's waist at dinner that evening. The next day, Madge is interested in selling her car to Barry Hawkins. Harold has come to see Eileen to pay his regards. Madge's car has sold for $4000. She thinks she has been ripped off by $1000. Henry says they will have to cop it sweet.


Guest cast

Writer: John Upton

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Steve Mann

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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