Naybers ep 663

It is morning. Hilary Robinson thinks a ghost has killed a plant. Helen Daniels says it is rusty water due to rusty pipes. She says it is an old block of flats. At No 28 Ramsay Street, Des Clarke wants his depressed mum Eileen Clarke to eat something. He tries to cheer her up. Tony Romeo and Sally Wells have been for a run. Helen is not sure her new flat is haunted and will not be chased out of her new home by ghosts. Mrs Mangel comes round to cheer Eileen up. Mr. Phillips reassures Hilary that the flat is not haunted. Gail Robinson says she wants to start a family. Sally Wells comes to see Eileen. Eileen says that Sally must be pleased that Malcolm Clarke ditched her. Eileen says Sally has come to gloat. Eileen leaves for her room. Mrs Mangel suggests that Helen does not stay in her flat if it is haunted. Gail says if she found her natural parents she'd probably end up with relatives she did not want to know, so sees Rob Lewis and the late Brenda Lewis as her real parents. Tony returns the keys for the Home James limo to Jane Harris. Eileen sees the wedding cake that was meant for her wedding. She thumps it in anger and breaks down.


Guest cast

Writer: John Linton

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Steve Mann

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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