It is Valentine's Day and also the big day
Neighbours paul gail renew vows
for Jim Robinson and Beverley Marshall. Charlene Robinson worries that something is up with Madge Ramsay. Henry Ramsay has an idea for their mother. Jane Harris buys Mike Young a Valentine's Day present, a cassette. Lucy Robinson is panicking getting ready for her dad's wedding. Bev finally becomes Mrs James Robinson. Hilary Robinson arrives with two youngsters, brother and sister Todd Landers and Katie Landers. Lucy asks them some questions but Todd thinks she is nosey. Hilary scoffs at a home wedding, saying it should be a church wedding. And Paul Robinson and Gail Robinson renew their wedding vows. Todd and Katie sneak into the garage below the house. They then walk out of Ramsay Street. Bev soon wonders where they are. Todd and Katie have run away.


Guest cast

Writer: David Phillips

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Steve Mann

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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Next Episode Episode 662 - 16 February 1988Edit


First appearances of Todd Landers and Katie Landers.