Neighbours 658

Eileen Clarke is all ready for her big day. But Des Clarke has to tell her that Malcolm Clarke is pulling out of the remarriage. Des tells Eileen. Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay and Charlene Robinson are ready to attend the wedding. Eileen is shocked and devastated that she has been jilted. She wants to take it through but Malcolm says there is nothing to say. He says she is disorganised and always wants the last say, and the awful wedding vows is what made him reject her. When Malcolm leaves, Eileen cries alone. She shuts herself away. Harold Bishop wants to comfort her but Des says she needs space. Sally Wells has to prepare for her father's wedding but he sees her to say it is off. He says he is leaving as well. Des says goodbye, as he understands his father had his reasons for calling the wedding off. Tony Romeo has bought frozen food instead of fresh food. Sally is not pleased. She does not want such a flatmate. They do a list of who does what. Henry has bought someones gardening business. Scott says he should pay him and Charlene back.


Guest cast

Writer: ???

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: ???

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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