Naybers ep 657

Gail Lewis says to her dad Rob Lewis that she had to get some papers from the safety deposit box and found the letter from the woman she thought was her mother. Rob says he forgot the letter was in the safety deposit box and should have burnt the letter and felt it was easier that he did not tell her and that Gail never knew. Well Gail knows nows. She storms out. Paul Robinson says Gail will come round to the truth. Eileen Clarke gets ready for her remarriage to Malcolm Clarke as the day draws nearer. Rob has breakfast with Helen Daniels who also adopted her second child, Rosemary Daniels. Jane Harris says the wedding could be the wedding of the year. Helen says that Rob is still her father as he loved her and raised her. Reverend Sampson visits the happy couple to say that the vows need to be simplified. Malcolm reads them then says this is the last straw. Malcom sees Mrs Mangel and says that he is having second thoughts about marrying Eileen again. Gail has come round to the fact that she was adopted. Her ad Rob hug. She says he is still her dad. Malcolm says he cannot marry Eileen again as she will just control him again. He says she has not changed. he plans to shoot through. He asks Des to tell his mother. Eileen is dressed for her registry office wedding. Mrs Mangel knows Malcolm may have pulled out but smiles to Eileen.


Guest cast


Series Producer: Marie Trevor


Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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