Naybers ep 652

Scott Robinson has his interview at 4:30. Harold Bishop thinks he owns the coffee shop by telling Sally Wells not to give the leftovers to the birds. Madge says her and Henry have moved back to No 24 Ramsay Street. Eileen Clarke is in a happy mood. Scott is nervous about his job interview. He arrives at the Erinsborough News headquarters. Eileen wants Mrs Mangel to be her matron of honour at her wedding. Mrs Mangel says she cannot. She thinks Eileen is making the biggest mistake of her life. Eileen thinks Mrs Mangel is jealous and storms out. Tony Romeo invites Sally to move into the spare room of his flat. He also encourages Sally to talk to Eileen Clarke about her 2nd wedding to Malcolm Clarke. Sally's says she deserves the same chance to know her father as Des Clarke does. Charlene Robinson dresses smartly, knowing she will be the wife of a journalist. Scott Robinson comes home disappointed. He has not got the job. The personnel guy took Scott's article without looking at it and put it in the draw, saying there are no vacancies. Scott tells them to put the champagne back in the draw. There is nothing to celebrate.


Guest cast

Writer: ???

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: ???

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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