Naybers ep 648
Eileen Clarke is shocked at her marriage proposal by her ex husband Malcolm Clarke. She soon accepts. Des Clarke is told that his parents are remarrying. Scott Robinson and Elinora Romeo discuss a potential wife for her son Tony Romeo, a story that will make the Erinsborough NewsMrs Mangel says the old customs are best when it comes to family regarding Mrs Romeo and her son. Elinora has her tea leaves read. Eileen says she is marrying Malcolm again. Mrs Mangel disapproves of her friend marrying him again. Paul Robinson congratulates Des and plans a game of cards for this evening. Des says he will get the supplies. Henry Ramsay teaches his mother Madge Mitchell how to drive. Eileen passes by to say hello but Madge snaps at her. She cannot get it and Henry loses patience with her. Scott and Paul watch Madge try to drive. She drives over the water main, making it burst. Mrs Mangel and Eileen, walking past, are soaked.


Guest cast

Writer: ???

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Chris Shiel

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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