Naybers 645

Eileen Clarke is speaking to her son Des Clarke on the phone while he is away. She is planning a dinner for her and her ex husband Malcolm Clarke but was not expecting a guest with him, his daughter Sally Wells. Mike Young wants to know if he can give it another go with him and Jane Harris. She agrees. Henry Ramsay comes to No 28 Ramsay Street to see Sally. Eileen and Malcolm make themselves scarce. Henry then asks Sally out. She reluctantly agrees but says she is going out with Tony Romeo. Henry says they will not fight over her as they are best mates. He tells Sally about his plan to help Tony get out of his mother's arranged marriage idea. He says that he posted a pic of Jane Harris and pretend she is his fiancée. Henry says he did not tell Jane. Sally says it is the dumbest idea he ever had. Henry says Sally may be OK if it was a pic of her that him and Tony sent off. She thinks he is jealous of her and Tony again. She then says their date is off. The next day, Mrs Mangel overhears Henry and Sally arguing over Jane's photo. Henry says he sent a pic of Jane to Tony's mother to pretend he had a fiancée. Jane enters and Mrs Mangel tells her. Henry flees. Malcolm asks Eileen for a night out on the town. Jane asks Henry to tell Tony that the idea was a mistake. Malcolm takes Eileen to the coffee shop to start their night out. Gail Robinson has to tell Paul Robinson what is wrong. She says she cannot have children. Eileen and Malcom come back from the cinema. Malcolm suggests they remarry. Tony says he will write "I sent you the wrong photo" to his mother. Jane agrees that they can send just 1 photo. She then leaves. A minute later, Tony's mother turns up, to congratulate him.


Guest cast

Writer: Penny Fraser

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Steve Mann

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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