Naybers ep 544
Daphne Clarke is going into labour while her, Des Clarke, Jim Robinson and Beverley Marshall are out for the day in the bush. Jim and Des help Daphne give birth, Des is excited and cracking jokes all the time. The baby is taken to Erinsborough Hospital. Henry Ramsay introduces his new girlfriend Melanie Pearson, who has a very animalistic laugh.


Guest cast

Writer: Christine Schofield (as C.V Schofield)

Series Producer: Philip East

Director: Paul Moloney

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

Prev Episode Episode 543 - 29 July 1987Edit

Next Episode Episode 545 - 31 July 1987Edit


First appearance of Melanie Pearson.

Eileen Clarke mentions her maiden surname is Winston and suggests Winston as a first name for Des and Daphne's new baby.

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