Naybers ep 429
Charlene Mitchell says to her mum Madge Mitchell that Henry needs $1000 by tomorrow due to his gambling debts or he will not get out of prison alive. Madge says she wont lend Henry the money. Charlene accuses Madge of not caring for Henry. She says she will raise the money herself if she has to. Bouncer the dog goes missing and Mike Young goes looking for him. Madge asks Des Clarke if his bank can lend her $1000. He says he will let her known by morning. Madge says this to Harold Bishop and he says he has to stand on his own 2 feet, he has made his bed he can lie in it. The following morning Madge agrees to the bank loan, once she has taken it out, her and Charlene meet a woman at the back of Lassiters and give her the money. Later on Henry turns up at No 24 Ramsay Street and is given a warm welcome by Charlene but a hasty welcome from his cousin Shane Ramsay.


Guest cast 

Writer: Ginny Lowndes

Producer: Philip East

Director: Andrew Friedman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

Prev Ep Episode 428 - 18 February 1987Edit

Next Ep Episode 430 - 20 February 1987Edit


First appearance of Henry Mitchell.

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