Naybers ep 391
Scott Robinson gets a new car from his father Jim Robinson. He says he will look after it. Des Clarke and Daphne Clarke celebrate Daphne's pregnancy. At No 24 Ramsay Street, Mike Young and Charlene Mitchell chat about how he wants to have a relationship with Jane Harris. She says he is a good friend and they hug but Scott comes in without knocking and sees them. He then storms out but Mike runs after him to say they are just friends. Scott admits he still likes Charlene. Lucy Robinson hopes to go and visit Bradley Townsend one day as he is travelling around Europe. Paul Robinson, Mike and Scott go for a drive in Scott's new car. In a street, Clive Gibbons proposes to Susan Cole. Baby Sam Cole is in his pushchair and as Susan is distracted, baby Sam rolls down the hill because Clive did not apply the pushchair brake properly. Susan then sees baby Sam rolling down the road in the pushchair and screams. Clive and Sue then run after baby Sam in his pushchair. Paul sees baby Sam in the road and swerves to avoid him, he misses and the car bounces long the road then lands upright.


Guest cast

Writers: Rick Maier & Betty Luin

Series Producer: Philip East

Director: Peter Andrikidis

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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