Naybers ep 283
Andrea Townsend does not want Jack Lassiter to sell The Lassiters Complex to Paul Robinson. Jack says he makes the decisions and Andrea still has time to back out of marrying him if she does not like it. She then shuts up. Jean Richards gives a class at No 22 Ramsay Street. Tom Ramsay says how he took her out for dinner. Jean is not happy and Tom thinks she is giving him the brush off. Helen Daniels says she called in to see Mrs York and got no answer. Clive goes to call on her, he plans to break in, but the nosey Mrs Mangel tells him it is against the law. Clive finds Mrs York laying unconscious on the living room floor.


Guest cast

Writer: Nicholas Langton

Series Producer: John Holmes

Director: Paul Moloney

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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