Naybers ep 277
Zoe Davis is staying at a secret location paid for by Paul Robinson so she can be alone and decide her future with Jim Robinson now she is pregnant. She then collapses in pain. Paul finds her and rushes her to Erinsborough HospitalMrs Mangel is settling in well and already annoying her neighbours. Debra Fleming tries to break into a filing cabinet with a screwdriver but hears someone come and has to pretend she is not up to anything. Then Daphne Lawrence comes in to tell Debra that Zoe had an ectopic pregnancy and he took her to hospital. At Erinsborough Hospital, the doctor says Zoe may never have children again after the ectopic pregnancy. Daphne has to break this news to her. At Daphne's, Lassiters, Mike Young and a schoolmate Roger have a fight after Roger mocks Nikki Dennison. Scott Robinson tries to calm Mike down and Roger says "Yeah nick off" and they start having a massive altercation outside the coffee shop.


Guest cast

Writer: Ginny Lowndes

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Richard Sarell

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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