Naybers ep 274
Zoe Davis admits to Andrea Townsend and Daphne Lawrence that she could be pregnant. Bradley Townsend and Lucy Robinson "get engaged". Jim Robinson says they are too young and could think about it in 10 years time. When Scott Robinson is keeping an eye on Bradley and Lucy while Jim is out, he is distracted by his music. Lucy uses her late mother Anne Robinson's engagement ring and Bradley cuts it to make it shorter. Jim comes in and berates Scott for letting the leaves in the garden blow all over the garden as he forgot to shut the lid. Jim tells Scott to rake them up again, and then he sees Bradley and Lucy cutting something up, and is mad that it is his old engagement ring to his late wife. Jim frogmarches Bradley over to No 28 Ramsay Street and asks Andrea when is she going to take responsibility and start controlling Bradley. Andrea calls him a hypocrite, saying he needs to sort his own life out, as he has got Zoe pregnant. Zoe enters from the bedroom and Jim turns round and sees Zoe, and is shocked.


Guest cast

Writer: John Linton

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Chris Langman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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