Naybers ep 268
Scott Robinson gets up after being punched, saying he only wanted to apologise to Charlene Mitchell. Tom Ramsay is amused and says Scott had it coming. Even Helen Daniels laughs when Jim Robinson says she hit him in true Ramsay style. Madge lectures Charlene and Charlene wants to hitch hike back to Coffs Harbour. Scott wants to go after her to try and stop her. At the truck depot, Charlie Smith, who knows Charlene, offers a ride. Scott arrives and persuades Charlene to come home. She agrees. Fred Mitchell is back in town. Charlene returns home and is excited to see Fred and hopes he will take her back to Coffs wiht her but Fred has some news. He says Susan Cole wants everything her own way and does not want Charlene there. Madge Mitchell had known about this and was battling to keep Charlene in Erinsborough for some time. Charlene says to her dad "You just don't want me".


Guest cast

Writer: Lois Booton

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Andrew Friedman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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