Naybers ep 266
Paul Robinson knows that Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell have gone to a room at Lassiters Hotel alone and Scott lied, saying he was going on his own to study for his exams. Pual races round there and sees Scott, and apprehends his brother, who gives Paul the key. Paul goes to the room and comforts a sobbing Charlene who said she has a boyfriend before Scott, and Scott had thought she was still a virgin. Jim Robinson also hears from Mike Young and Nikki Dennison that Scott went to a hotel room at Lassiters and took Charlene with him. Scott returns home and pleads his innocence to his dad Jim and Madge Mitchell. He says nothing happened, they just wanted to study. Scott scolds Mike and Nikki for opening their big mouths. Jim believes Scott that nothing happened. Tom Ramsay hears of this, visits No 26 Ramsay Street as he wants Scott's blood but Jim tells him to get out. Tom says he will see Scott later on when he comes home. Charlene says to her mum hat she fell pregnant by her first boyfriend in Brisbane and had an abortion.


Guest cast

Writer: Philip Ryall

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Andrew Friedman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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