Naybers ep 264
Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson are getting closer. Scott wants a sexual relationship with her. Nikki Dennison reckons Scott is pushing Charlene too much. Scott says that she doesn't have to say yes. Bradley Townsend says to his mum Andrea Townsend that while Scott and Charelene were babysitting him they were kissing and that Jim came to visit to see where Zoe Davis was and saw them and did nothing. Andrea says she will have a word with Jim. Sly Bradley smiles in triumph, knowing he is stirring again. Andrea has it out with Jim and Jim sees her out, saying he will pass the message on to Scott and Charlene. Charlene later asks Clive Gibbons for a prescription for the pill.


Guest cast

Writer: John Upton

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Paul Moloney

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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