Naybers ep 257
Helen Daniels is fuming at the chauvinistic comments from her business client Lewis Fleming about how much he hated women drivers. However she is phoned up by Lewis, Scott Robinson answers, and she is offered by Lewis to drive him to their important meeting. He was impressed with her driving. But when they get to the land they are thinking of buying off Paul Robinson, Lewis thinks they are con artists when they see Paul chatting to Helen, their so called chauffeur. Paul reveals that him and Helen are grandson and grandmother. Debra reckons Helen was a spy. Lewis reckons he could have grounds to sue Helen and Paul for their conspiracy.


Guest cast

Writer: Jill James

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Richard Sarell

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

Prev Ep Episode 256 - 19 May 1986Edit

Next Ep Episode 258 - 21 May 1986Edit

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