Naybers ep 251
Shane Ramsay is still feeling sorry for himself, and he is still pining over Daphne Lawrence. Tom Ramsay, who is Max Ramsay and Madge Mitchell's brother turns up at No 24 Ramsay Street. He is welcomed with open arms by nephew Danny Ramsay and Madge. Tom says Max rung him to come down to Erinsborough and cover for him while he is in Brisbane. Tom says he gave himself a month holiday and will do Max's plumbing. Shane comes in, and Tom welcomes him but gets a simple "G'day" from Shane. Shane says how Daphne is mistreating him and leaves to the bedrooms. Tom asks where she lives and Danny says next door. Tom goes round and asks for Daphne Lawrence. He says he does not like the way she is treating his nephew Shane. He then sees Des Clarke and says he remembers him and his ratbag of a mother Eileen Clarke. Shane later shouts at Tom for interfering, saying he is jus like Max. He says he is not a kid anymore.


Guest cast

Writer: Ray Kolle

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Chris Langman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

Prev Ep Episode 250 - 9 May 1986Edit

Next Ep Episode 252 - 13 May 1986Edit


First appearance of Tom Ramsay. Actor Gary Files was cast as Tom quickly after the quick departure of actor Francis Bell as Max Ramsay. Bell had back problems and his contract was not renewed. Apparently scripts written for Max were crossed out and replaced with Tom. Also Tom took over storylines originally devised for Max.

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