Naybers ep 247
Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay and Madge Mitchell are wondering where Max Ramsay is as he has been gone for about a day now. Madge gets a phonecall. It is Max. He is at the local airport. Madge then says "Brisbane" down the phone, presumabley Max said he was on his way there. When she gets off the phone Madge says that Max's wife Maria Ramsay is upset and wants Max to go and see her in Brisbane. Scott Robinson tosses a pancake and it gets stuck on the ceiling. Jim Robinson has invited Lucy Robinson alone for the weekend with Zoe Davis, much to the disgruntlement of Zoe, as Zoe knows Lucy does not like her.


Guest cast

Writer: Philip Ryall

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Andrew Friedman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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