Naybers ep 246
Eileen Clarke quickly alerts that Gavin McKinley has driven off in the car with Bradley Townsend. Clive Gibbons and Shane Ramsay decide to go after him. Eileen says Gavin is driving to the airport for the plane back to Perth, on the other side of Australia. Eileen is anxious as Clive drives along. Andrea Townsend is quickly alerted. Eileen, Clive and Shane spot Gavin and traffic lights and Clive quickly drives in front of Gavin, making him brake. Gavin and Shane almost have a fight. In the end, Bradley decides to stay with Des Clarke. Gavin is defeated and returns to Perth alone, without his son, meaning he wont get his dads millions. Andrea is very angry with Eileen.


Guest Stars

Writer: Christine McCourt

Producer: John Holmes

Director: Andrew Friedman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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