Max Ramsay is cooking the pancakes for the con
Naybers eppie 245
test. He tries one and does not like it. Eileen Clarke babysits Bradley Townsend. She has a present for him but he sulks when he opens it as it is not the figurine he wants. Eileen takes Bradley to see his real father Gavin McKinley. Gavin persuades Bradley to come to live with him in Perth. Eileen is happy and is ready to take Bradley to see his mum Andrea Townsend that he is going to live with him in Perth. They go to the car parked outside. Gavin sets Eileen up and he drives off with Bradley in the car leaving Eileen stood by the road.


Guest Stars

Writer: Dave Worthington

Series Producer: John Holmes

Director: Paul Moloney

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

Prev Ep Episode 244 - 1 May 1986Edit

Next Ep Episode 246 - 5 May 1986Edit


Final ever appearance of Max Ramsay. Actor Francis Bell had taken sick leave and during his sick leave he decided not to return to the show, so Max never got a proper farewell scene. Max's absence was explained a few episodes later as him being contacted by Maria Ramsay in Brisbane. Later on Max, reconciled with Maria and said he would not be returning to Erinsborough. Max's brother Tom Ramsay arrived in late May 1986 to cover for Max.