Naybers ep 243
Max Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Des Clarke and Andrea Townsend manage to stop Gavin McKinley kidnapping his son Bradley Townsend. Des, Andrea, Bradley and Eileen Clarke then go into No 28 Ramsay Street. Andrea slips up and admits that Des is not Bradley's father. Gavin then leaves but Eileen offers him a proposition so that Des will get rid of Andrea and Bradley. They have a chat in The Waterhole, Lassiters about how Andrea is taking advantage of Des. Some of her neighbours see her and get suspicious but Shane Ramsay says she may have just been crying on his shoulder. Max Ramsay is sure to win the pancake competition. He reckons that Helen Daniels and Madge Ramsay have an advantage for starters as they are women. Max says Madge will soon be eating humble pancake.


Guest cast

Writer: Ysabelle Dean

Series Producer: John Holmes

Director: Paul Moloney

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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