This was the first ever episode of this
Naybers eppers 1
smash hit TV show called Neighbours. This episode introduced us to the Ramsays, Robinsons and Clarkes for the first time. Des Clarke is getting married the following morning and is holding a bucks party at his house at No.28 The noise can be heard in the other houses. Max Ramsay of No 24 is not happy. He phones his neighbours Jim Robinson asking if he could do anything about the noise. Max then decides to take his own course of action and runs round to Des's house and stops the party. He is not a happy man. Daphne Lawrence is the stripper hired for the do. Danny Ramsay is still having bad dreams that brother Shane Ramsay is having a car accident. The following morning, Max, Danny and Shane go to the local swimming pool. Shane does a dive.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Reg Watson

Series ProducerJohn Holmes

Director Mark Joffe

Exec producer - Reg Watson

Prev Ep NoneEdit

Next Ep Episode 2 - 19 March 1985Edit


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