Naybers ep 192
Douglas Blake seems happy that he paid $50'000 for $100'000 of diamonds from Madge Mitchell. He walks off in glee but as he is doing so, he is stopped by Helen Daniels who says the diamonds are fake, they are 100% glass and totally worthless. Helen says it was all a trap so she could retrieve the $50'000 he conned off her. She says he broke hear heart emotionally as well as financially and all she does is pity him. She then walks off leaving Douglas alone. Mike Young is getting abuse from his father David Young after he says that he spoke to Daphne Lawrence about how he run away from home. David hits Mike then hits his mother Barbara Young.


Guest cast

Writer: Harold Lander

Series Producer: John Holmes

Director: Brendan Maher

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

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Final appearance of Douglas Blake. Actor James Condon who played Douglas, and who was married to Anne Haddy who played Helen Daniels, would return in 1995 as Reuben White.