Naybers ep 188
Scott Robinson is in Erinsborough Hospital. He has been mugged. He wont give the nurse his real name but in the end does so. He plays poker with a girl called Kelly. Scott then phones his dad Jim Robinson to say he is alright. Shane Ramsay and Beth Travers seem to be getting closer. Madge Mitchell wines and dines Douglas Blake in her ploy to help Helen Daniels get their revenge on him.


Guest cast

Writer: Ginny Lowndes

Series Producer: John Holmes

Director:  Andrew Friedman

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

Prev Ep Episode 187 - 11 February 1986Edit

Next Ep Episode 189 - 13 February 1986Edit


First appearance of Scott Robinson since Episode 170 - 8 November 1985 and first appearance of Jason Donovan in the role. Jason took over from Darius Perkins.

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