Jim Robinson
Naybers ep 17
and Anna Rossi have their engagement party at the Ramsay's after he gives her an engagement ring. Everyone attends the party. Initially Max Ramsay is not happy and says his opinion doesnt count. Julie Robinson also disapproves of Jim and Anna. Paul Robinson defends his father. Paul does not want anyone to argue in front of Lucy Robinson. Helen Daniels gives Anna her mums brooch and Julie slaps Anna for taking everything away from her family. Jim says he is going to marry Anna. He says if Julie does not apologise he wants her to move out.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Betty Luin

Series Producer - John Holmes

Director Colin Budds

Exec Producer - Reg Watson

Prev Ep Episode 16 - 8 April 1985Edit

Next Ep Episode 18 - 10 April 1985Edit

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