Naybers ep 173
Max Ramsay and new neighbour Clive Gibbons have a row over Clive and his gorillagram costume. Max confronts him but they then introduce each other. Clive has moved into No 22 Ramsay StreetZoe Davis is being a pest and irritating Daphne Lawrence. Zoe says she may stay in Erinsborough, she will get a job. Madge Mitchell and Eileen Clarke get chatting and Eileen thinks Daphne is right for Des. But she sees Daphne being comforted by Paul Robinson.


Guest cast

Writer - Reg Watson

Series Producer John Holmes

Director Brendan Maher

Executive Producer - Reg Watson

Prev Ep Episode 172 - 21 January 1986Edit

Next Ep Episode 174 - 23 January 1986Edit

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