Neighbours ep 170
Danny Ramsay comes back home to No 24 Ramsay Street and confronts Shane Ramsay, asking if he knew he was not Max Ramsay's son. The look on Shane's face indicates he knew. Danny asks if Max is not his dad then who is? Shane says he does not know. Shane says that Danny is not adopted though. Danny reckons that is why Max always yelled at him. Shane says that Max only found out a few months ago himself and was knocked for six. Danny then leaves and runs off into the night. The following morning, Max comes home to see Danny and Shane and he tells Danny that if he is going out all night he should have let him know. Danny says that Max never let him know he was not really his son. Max later explains that Danny is his son as much as Shane is and he loves him. They then hug. Shane looks on and smiles. Des Clarke and Daphne Lawrence arrange to get married.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Reg Watson

Series Producer - John Holmes

Director: Max Varnel

Exec Producer - Reg Watson

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