Eileen Clarke (Nee Winston) was a character in Neig
Naybers eizza clarke

Eileen Clarke.

hbours from Episode 21 - 15 April 1985 to Episode 691 - 28 March 1988. She was the mother of Des Clarke, or "my Desmond", as she always called him by his full name, and was a local gossip. She left Erinsborough in 1988 for a new life in England and has not been seen or heard from since. She was played by the late actress Myra DeGroot.


Eileen Winston was born in 1927. She had a brother Bob Winston. In the 1950's Eileen met and married Malcolm Clarke. They had a son Des Clarke in 1956. When Des was about 2 or 3, in 1958 or 1959, Malcolm left Eileen and Des, and left Eileen to bring Des up alone. As Des got older, he started to help his mother out more. Eileen grew a reputation as a busybody, always gossiping and interfering in her "Desmond"'s life.


Eileen was the busybody mother of Des an
Naybers eileen with pancake

Eileen with a pancake on her head.

d when she turned up in Erinsborough in 1985, she was flighty and gossipy. Des often used to reign his mother in for this. In 1986, she tried to find proof that Bradley Townsend was Des's biological son due to his fling with Andrea Townsend many years before. It turned out Andrea was lying about Bradley's age. In May 1986, Eileen was tricked by Bradley's real father, Gavin McKinley, who tried to kidnap Bradley, as Gavin was an heir to his fathers fortune, providing he had a son and heir. Andrea was angry at Eileen for interfering but Des Clarke later forgave Eileen. After doing some singing lessons, and her voice being heard across Ramsay Street, Eileen returned to Perth.

In January 1988, Eileen and Mrs Mangel watched as Madge Ramsay crashed into a water station in Ramsay Street and it caused water to spray everywhere. Eileen started having health problems due to stress, and being dumped by ex husband Malcolm again when they planned to remarry. In March 1988, Eileen was even more devastated when Daphne died in a car accident. She attended her funeral. In May 1988, Eileen decided to go on a European tour. She never returned to Erinsborough. Eileen later settled in England.

As of 2015, it is uncertain what has become of Eileen. She would be 88 now.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1927

Full Name: Eileen Clarke


Siblings Bob Winston

Spouse Malcolm Clarke (c1955-??)

Children Des Clarke (1956)

Grandchildren Jamie Clarke

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