Darius Perkins
Naybers danny and scott

Darius, left, in 1985 as Scott Robinson.

is an Australian actor who was the first actor to play Scott Robinson in Neighbours in 1985. While Jason Donovan, his replacement made Scott a much more popular character, Darius played Scott for about 8 months in the shows first season. After Neighbours he had roles in rival soapie Home And Away. In 2013 and 2014, Darius played Marty Kranic in Neighbours, one of many Neighbours actors who played more than one role.

Pre Neighbours careerEdit

Darius Perkins was born in about 1964 or 1965. He was said to be 20 when he joined Neighbours. He had roles in Prisoner: Cell Block H.


Darius was given the role of Scott Robinson in late 1984 and filming begun in January 1985. Darius often turned up on set late. He was soon dismissed from the show due to this so Scott was said to have gone travelling while the role was recast. His last scenes aired in November 1985.

After NeighboursEdit

Darius joined Home And Away in 1988 in the recurring role of villainous Gary Samuels. He then had a minor role in A Country Practise in 1994 as Graham Irving. This was to be his last TV role for 19 years.

Return to Neighbours 2013Edit

In 2013, Darius was given his first acting role in 19 years when he returned to Neighbours as Marty Kranic.


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