Naybers daphne

Daphne Clarke.

Daphne Clarke nee Lawrence was a character in Neighbours from Episode 1 - 18 March 1985 to Episode 690 - 25 March 1988. She was the wife of Des Clarke. Daphne was originally a stripper who fell from Des in Episode 1. She was good frinds with Zoe Davis. In 1988 Daphne died in a car accident. Daphne was played by Elaine Smith.



Daphne Lawrence was born in 1960.


Memorable infoEdit


1960 Daphne Henderson (Clarke)

Full Name: Daphne Henderson (Clarke)

Nickname - Daph


Father Allen Lawrence

Mother Tina Lawrence

Grandfathers Harry Henderson

Spouse Des Clarke (1986-1988)

Children Jamie Clarke (1987)

She became an Owner of the local shop in the street helpers Harold, Mike, Jane, Eileen, Madge,

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